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Nawab Sahab
Men Blend


NAWAB SAHAB BLEND is an herbal medicine for vigour and vitality formulated using unique combination of medicinal plants likepure himalayan Shilajit, SAFFRON and other important herbs GOLD BHASM, ASHWAGANDHA, SALABH PANJA, SALABH MISHRI, SALABH GATTA, Dalmation Sage, SHATAVAR, KONCH BEEJ, GOND BABOOL, SAFED  MUSLI, WATER CHESTNUT, ALMOND, PINE NUTS,ACANTHUS SEEDS, COTTON SEEDS,CLOVES,MACE, NUTMEG, SILVER LEAF, GREATER GALANGAL, CAROM SEEDS,AQARQARA IRAANI. NAWAB SAHAB is good for general health and helps increase strength, stamina, vigour and vitality as recommended by ayurved.



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Men Blend”

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